Without doubt, your quality of life has a lot to do with quality of sleep. But if you are suffering from allergies, a good night's sleep can be hardly found. Fortunately, Allergy Care® is your best companion to fight against allergies and asthma. 

Allergy Care® products blend modern science with traditional weaving technology to create a soft allergen filtration layer between you and your bedding that protects you from common allergies and asthma triggers. Our allergen barrier is comfortable, breathable and tough enough to withstand repeated washings. With a good night's rest, you should feel energized every morning from now on…

Allergy Care® offers a full range of products that fulfill your personal needs and comfort levels.  Most important of all, Allergy Care® allergen barriers are all lab-tested and allergist-recommended. Act now – get a better sleep for all your family members!