Allergy Care® Barriers

Allergy Care® Barriers for mattresses, pillows and comforters are made from different fabric including natural cotton yarn, combined cotton and microfiber or pure microfiber for us especially. This barrier fabric is so tightly woven that allergens cannot pass through and because we do not use any plastics to make it allergen-proof, air and moisture transmit readily through the fabric leaving you cool and comfortable all night long. Each and every barrier cover is hand inspected to maintain top quality since we know each cover is important to your and your family!
Allergy Care® Luxury-S Comforter Lite and Luxury-Q Comforter

Our comforters are made with the premium microfiber barrier fabric and they are completely impermeable to allergens. Since they are made from our premium microfiber barrier fabric and therefore cannot become colonized with dust mites, they do not require washing unless soiled. Available with different filling for summer and winter. All of our comforters are quilted with an attractive end-to-end box pattern or a modern diamond-shaped pattern to ensure the comfort and durability
Allergy Care® Superior-S Pillows

Our luxurious pillows are covered with a soft, woven, mite-proof fabric so they need no encasing. Mites and their allergen cannot get through the sumptuous microfiber fabric, but air can, so you will be comfortable all night, and you will sleep better knowing your pillow is mite proof. Additionally, our Superior Pillows can be used for bed bug protection.